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Protecting and Cleaning your new Hardwood Flooring

Today’s finishes on “Quality” Hardwood Flooring can last many years before the wood flooring would need to be sanded and refinished new again, but like all things they must be maintained properly so that they look good for a long time. Hardwood Flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of and you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions when cleaning their hardwood flooring. Using an inferior brand or a harsh cleaner could cause damage to the finish. Not abiding by the manufacturers cleaning recommendations may likely result in the warranty being void.

We recommend Vacuum the Hardwood Flooring at least weekly using a soft bristle brush. When washing the Hardwood Flooring lightly spritz the floor area using the recommended Hardwood Flooring spray cleaner then wipe or mop dry in the same direction of the grain of the Hardwood Floor.
We recommend wiping up any spills as soon as possible, allowing any liquids to sit and seep into the seams of the wood over time can cause delamination of the wood or finish.

We recommend taking care when moving furniture, using felt chair glides on all your furniture which will protect your hardwood flooring for many years and they also allow you to easily slide the furniture out on the floor for cleaning.

We recommend Placing good bristle welcome mats at all entrances to collect dirt, grit and moisture which could get ground into the surface of the hardwood floors finish and damaging the hardwood floors. Place scatter rugs in heavy traffic areas or where twisting and turning is frequent in such areas as at kitchen sinks or at refrigerators etc.

We recommend using directional blinds on windows since direct sunlight (UV- rays) can fade the fabric on your furniture and cause the hardwood floor finish to change color. Deflect the sunlight upwards onto the ceiling. Some exotic wood flooring may naturally darken over the years

We recommend maintaining a normal relative humidity level of between 40-60 percent limiting expansion and contraction of the hardwood flooring. During drier winter months use a humidifier to add moisture into the air. During the Humid summer months use a dehumidifier or air conditioning to remove excess humidity.

We recommend keeping large dogs nails trimmed especially if the pets are very active and run around in the home where they have a natural tendency to dig into the woods surface to try and get traction.

Never use a beater brush vacuum attachment on your wood flooring, it could damage or mar the finish.

Never use rubber foam back or plastic padding under an area rug, they may discolor the Hardwood floors finish.

Never wet mop any Hardwood or laminate Flooring as the water can seep down between the seams of the boards causing the boards edges to cup upward and cause delamination or discoloration of the finish. Using tap water alone can also contain acidic minerals which may leave a film or damage the finish. Never use Vinegar and Water.

Never use any furniture polish or oil soaps as most contain wax or silicone's that will attract dirt and leave a sticky film residue that may be difficult to remove. If you used any of these types of inferior cleaning products and have problems we would recommend calling them for advice on how to remove any film or residue cleaner before using any recommended manufacturers cleaners that we offer here.

Never use any type of Steamer on your Hardwood Flooring as it will damage the wood and possibly cause the finish to peel off.

Fixing scratches in wood flooring: If you should have to fix a scratch in your hardwood flooring simply light sand the area using 220 grit sand paper to remove the scratch from the wood and rub a little bit of matching stain (if the wood had been stained a color) onto the area. Once the stain has dried apply several coats of a water based finish in the same sheen with an artists brush.